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Tea and cakes Tea Room

For some time I have wanted to see an environment where educated people of mature age could feel “at home, away from home”.  Since I have worked in the food industry for over 25 years, I felt as though I could capture such an environment.

With years as a Chef with Ridgewell Catering (which dealt with The White House and Embassies in Washington), knowledge gained with retail food management with several top national markets, and my initial cooking lessons on my grandmother’s wood stove, I decided to challenge myself.

And what better place than Media, Pa. to share my love of food.  This community has given so many great things to all… education, politics, theatre, diversity, tradition, and progressiveness for so long that it deserves someone to give back some of that “hometown” feeling.

You will find a piece of the 'Golden Era' where dining is a memorable experience.

The world has changed, our Tea Room has not. You could say we are slightly out of kilter for its time, that's okay with us, because... We don't serve fast food, we serve food as fast as we can.

We encourage good conversation from our guests while listening to our Big Band Background Music and enjoying old-fashioned service from our Staff who bring to you the finest individually prepared meals possible, presented to you in our own creative style, with flavors and tastes that bring bring back a flood of memories from so long ago.